Managing Perception

At Danieya Energy, we HELP to eliminate dysfunctional conflicts so that Organizations and Employees can focus on things they are very GOOD at and be the BEST they could be.

Grow Sensational

Like Team Building, but Better. Where bonding begins and laughing never ends.

Spectacular Customer Service

Know what your customers WANT most and what your company does BEST. Focus on where those two MEET.

Be Inspired | Good to Great

PUSH HARDER than yesterday, if you want a DIFFERENT TOMORROW.

Corporate Grooming and Business Etiquette

What is your image saying to others about you? Are you seen confident & trustworthy?

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

They will learn about frameworks and models to aid the problem solving and decision making process to drive their organisations forward.

Empowering Millennial

Our WIIM (What’s In It For Me) approach has helped both the millennial and organizations to truly unleash their capabilities and achieve their goals.

Embracing Change

We Can’t Do Today’s Job With Yesterday’s Method And Still Be In Business Tomorrow.

Leading with Charisma

If You Cannot Be Under Authority, You Can’t Be In Authority.