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As Program Director, he conceived and implemented The Door concept and has written multiple grants for this program and others. He is talented at blending the nature of business practices into the field of social services. Cole was born and raised in Lubbock and has been in recovery for over ten years, proving that you can get clean in the same town you live in.

  • Thus, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission partners with Oxford House Inc. to provide recovery residences and group homes across Texas.14 Search Oxford House options at
  • Residents in sober living homes can sign leases for as little as 30 days and as long as a year.

Additionally, we will provide resources to help locate a certified recovery residence near you. Some residences are free to the residents because they are government-funded or run by nonprofit organizations. Some private sober living homes also offer scholarships and grants to cover the costs. Choosing a residence can be a tough decision because there are many different residences available. You can consult with a treatment professional, your insurance company, or use word-of-mouth to see what sober living homes are recommended. However, it’s important to check with your insurance company about specific coverage and what co-pays or deductibles you are responsible for if any.

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You can also visit the websites of sober living homes in your area to find one that suits your needs. If you or your loved one needs to go to a sober living facility, contact your local healthcare professional or medical professional for a referral. Substance abuse may have taken years of your life, so sober living homes can help you regain them. Lastly, it allows you to build meaningful sober relationships and bonds. Sober living homes are typically located in secure, serene neighborhoods to provide a stable housing environment. It’s a comfortable, home-like place where you can feel safe and relaxed.

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For instance, house members vote on whether to allow a certain individual into the house. Each member has one vote, and no outside supervisor or manager is hired. The terms “sober living home” and “halfway house” are not interchangeable in most states. Finding a quality residence is made easier by accreditation agencies that ensure that their affiliated sober living homes meet appropriate standards. Start by contacting the facility directly to set up an appointment to meet with the staff.

How Much Does It Cost to Live at a Halfway House?

Today halfway houses are still used as a way to foster re-entry into society for addicts and sometimes for prison inmates. Before entering a sober living environment, a person will most likely be tested to ensure they are alcohol and drug-free prior to entering the residence. Sober living homes are an effective resource for individuals who have completed treatment and are ready to begin their lives in recovery. They provide a balance of supervision and independence that allows people to transition back to work, school and daily life.

It offers an alternative to transitioning directly from an immersive care environment to a completely unstructured environment at home. Overall, are less restrictive and help you transition to independence. Sober living programs also offer longer stays than inpatient treatment facilities. Sober living homes don’t provide the same level of structure as residential inpatient treatment programs.

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Sober residences allow individuals to continue working on their recovery after they have completed inpatient addiction treatment while easing back into their regular lives. Sober living programs offer extended support to people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Most program participants are in the process of transitioning from intensive substance abuse treatment to independent living. People who have undergone addiction treatment in rehab centers often struggle to stay sober as they adjust to the real world. In sober living homes, you can learn essential skills and techniques for recovering addicts before returning to your everyday life.

  • Without continuous structure, guidance and support provided by our sober living programs, it is far too easy to slip back into the clutches of addiction.
  • Sober living homes, or halfway houses, can be a great resource for those who need a place to stay after detox and while in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.
  • While an intimate treatment program is vital for helping one achieve sobriety, continuing treatment engagement is essential for an individual to sustain long-term sobriety.
  • With this in mind, you’ll want to research the zoning laws of prospective properties.
  • Sober living homes typically do not limit the length of stay and may not require previous attendance in a formal addiction treatment program.

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