"It's not enough to be excellent, People must know and remember you!"

About Danieya Energy Sdn Bhd

For more than 20 years, DANIEYA ENERGY has helped companies of all sizes and industries to overcome these negative conflict by addressing the number cause of workplace conflict – Personality Clashes and Warring Egos. Our Customers with highest level of conflicts have benefited instantly through our programmes and have observed highest amount of positive outcomes from conflicts. They have also experience increase in market share and enjoy a positive and healthy work environment that leads to Employee Happiness & Customer Loyalty.

At DANIEYA ENERGY, we are committed to help you to overcome your internal challenges so that you could focus on achieving your goals. Be it an employee or an organization, we help you to be Unique, Different, Outstanding and Sensational.

Allow us to Make your Customers feel Guilty for not Dealing with you!